Handcrafted  Designs

Hand Picked Leather

Each skin is hand picked one by one. I look for color, grade, quality and feel when shopping for leather.


Sometimes I see a skin and know exactly what bag to make, other times, the leather takes the lead and  I will design a brand new piece specifically for that particular piece leather. 


I work one skin at a time and make as many pieces as I can.  Once the skin is done, it's over, and I move onto the next hide.

Hand Finished Edges 

The process of edge finishing is a multi step process that can take as long as one hour to complete. These steps include: hand sanding, dying, waxing, buffing and finally polishing every edge of the bag. Every exposed to edge of a bag goes through this process before it is smooth, polished and finished.

Beauty in Simplicity

Bottega Flaviani is an artisan workshop devoted to maintaining the traditional art of leather working and handbag making.  One-of-a-kind and completely hand-made bags and accessories are clean in design and fulfill your every need and desire.


Each piece is hand cut, assembled and hand sewn, using sumptuous Italian leathers and lined in velveteen suede leather for a luxurious finish. 

Hand Sewn 

Every bag has a hand sewn element to it.

Each stitch is sewn one by one, using waxed cotton or hemp thread. 


Holes are pre-pricked and then followed through with a spade awl which

penetrates through every layer of leather before criss crossing the needles and thread through the hole to create a locking stitch.


A time consuming yet meditative process.

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