What Size Belt Should You Buy?

Handmade Leather Belts Bottega Flaviani

Trying to buy a leather belt online and don't know what size to order? 

This is the number one question I get from my clients. Let me show you two easy ways to find your correct belt size, without fail!

With graduation season and Father's Day just around the corner, a fine leather belt is a great gift that is practical, functional, and will last for years. A full grain leather belt elevates a man’s wardrobe. It will make them feel more confident, and will help prepare a new grad to venture into the workforce.

A belt made of a single piece of leather will last decades compared to a belt that is glued and sewn together.  Sewn belts break and crack over time. I know of some single piece leather belts that have lasted as long as 50 years!  Now that’s a great investment!

How to Measure a Belt Size: There are two ways to do it.

Method 1: Find a belt that you already wear. It doesn't matter if it's leather for textile. Use a measuring tape to measure from the base of the buckle to the hole you use. This measurement is your belt size.
Illustration show how to find your belt size. Bottega Flaviani


Method 2: The next method requires a little bit of math. Don't worry! It's easy! Here’s the equation: pant size + 2 inches =  belt size

For example: if you wear a size 34 pants your belt size is size 36.

Pant Size

Belt Size 

 27" -  28" -  29" 30"
 29" -  30" -  31"
 31" -  32"  - 33"
 33" -  34" -  35"
 35" -  36" - 37"
 37" -  38" - 39"
 39" -  40" - 41"

*Pant size in bold represents the size that will buckle on the center hole of the belt

So, what do all these numbers mean?

The belt size represents the distance between the base of the buckle and the center hole. If you are able to buckle your belt on the center hole, the belt will be a perfect fit. The belt will be properly balanced on your body.

Illustration of how to measure a belt from the base of the buckle to the center hole.  Bottega Flaviani


Can’t buckle your belt on the center hole? Don't Worry!

A Good Fitting Belt

I always tell my clients, a good fitting belt is one that is buckled on the center hole or the hole before or after the center hole. That is a good fitting belt.

Illustration of belt holes. If you can buckle the belt on the center hole or the hole before or just the center hole that is a good fitting belt

A Bad Fitting Belt

If you buckle your belt on the very first hole, the belt will be unbalanced and there will be too much excess at the end,  and the belt will look sloppy. The same is true if your belt is buckled on the last hole. You will have very little left over.

      handmade leather belt with sold brass buckle 1 1/4" wide with nickel hardware. Bottega Flaviani     Handmade leather belt with sold brass buckle.  1/1/4" wide with brass colored hardware. Bottega Flaviani

Handcrafted Leather Belts 

Handmade Leather Belts Bottega Flaviani

Bottega Flaviani crafts fine leather belts in four colors, and seven sizes with custom sizing available. We source finely tanned bridle (saddlery) leather and pair it with solid brass hardware. Our belts are 1 1/4" wide which is the perfect width to wear every day or for that special occasion. 



Do you have high rise and low rise jeans in your closet? Remember to calculate your belt size for your high rise and low rise pants! Get the most out of your belt, and buy one belt that can be worn with all of your pants! 


About the author

Angela Flaviani is the owner of Bottega Flaviani and makes custom, handcrafted leather handbags, belts and bracelets in San Francisco, California. Angela has over 20 years experience working with leather as a shoe designer, handbag designer and leather craftsperson. She was formally trained in Italy and worked in Italian shoe factories, as well as studying under a master French handbag maker in the United States.