Angela Flaviani

A native San Franciscan, Angela was surrounded by the arts and music growing up. Creativity was encouraged and fostered and every job she held, had a creative element to it.


In 2004 Angela took a leap of faith, quit her job and moved to Italy to attend an Italian Shoemaking School.  Those four years working in Italian shoe factories changed her life forever. She found her passion….. Bringing ideas to life and watching products be “born”!

During her 15 year career as a footwear designer and developer, some of her work has summited the highest peaks in the world while other pieces strutted down the catwalks fo London, Paris and New York.

She continued her artisan studies in the US and learned traditional leather working from a master French craftswoman who had worked for Hermes for 20 years.   While in her first class, she had a déjà-vu moment and was brought back to the shoe factories in Italy. She finally had found a way to bring the factory back into her life!


With 360 degree involvement in every piece, Angela builds each piece from start to finish. Every creation is designed, all patterns are made and all leathers are hand selected by her. Those same two hands cut, sew, assemble and hand finish each creation.

Angela strives to uphold the traditions and high standards of workmanship that she learned from her teachers, all of whom were masters of their craft.

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